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homemagnetic measurementmagnetic parameter metrology series

td8860 calibration apparatus for precision magnetometer

a standard measurement device for magnetic parameters.


td8860 meets national standard jjg 242-1995 (tunkia helped draft it).


- calibrate digital or pointer dc magnetometers.

- calibration items:magnetic flux density display error, positive and negative probe display error, zero drift, rise and fall variation of pointer magnetometer, etc.

- low-intensity magnetic field calibration.

- high-intensity magnetic field calibration.

application diagram


pc software

- testing connection automatically, visual display.

- switching excitation mechanism freely, visual display.

- units optional: mt, g, kg, oe, koe, a/m, ka/m.

- controlling x/y/z axes of probes to find the optimum test point, wireless mouse control mode.

- automatically prompt users to select range and input indicated value, if no input within 2 minutes, it will enter the standby mode.

- automatically calculate zero drift, mark the exceeded ones in red.

- after inputting the indicated value, the error is automatically calculated and compared with the allowable error, then the exceeded ones are illuminated by a red light.

- test data can be generated and exported as a validation report.


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