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tm7620 digital integral fluxmeter

- tm7620 is a high-precision flux measuring instrument.

- it provides effective measurement methods for the development of advanced magnetic materials, manufacturing of high-end industrial products, and traceability of magnetic flux values.


wide testring range.

high measurement accuracy: 0.02% or 0.05%.

low zero drift.

flux unit: wb, mwb, vs or mvs.

high-definition lcd touch screen with 7 digit display and minimum resolution as low as 1 nwb.

trend curve: plot the u(t) and ф(t) curves during the measurement period to analyze the stability of the magnetic field.

over-limit warning function.

one-button zero adjustment.

measuring coil (optional)


- conventional flux coil: suitable for measuring the flux of a single sample.

- skateboard coil: suitable for testing batch samples on the production line.

helmholtz coil: the magnetic moment for the sample.

stator coil: suitable for quickly measuring the magnetic flux of the stator core.

remarks: the above coils are optional and can be customized according to samples.

technical specifications

voltage measurement


flux measurement


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