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tm7920 high precision v-s generator

tm7920 is suitable for calibrating 0.05% accuracy digital fluxmeters and electronic integrators.


high-precision voltage source: the accuracy is 0.01%, which can guarantee the accuracy of the magnetic flux signal generated in the small voltage range.

- high-precision timer: the accuracy is 0.005%, which produces high-precision flux signals by integrating with voltage.

- convenience of calibration: the connection is simple, the user only needs to set the voltage range and output pulse width, and the verification time only takes a few seconds.

flux unit selection: wb or mx, and has the function of setting the load impedance.

good man-machine function: equipped with large-size lcd touch screen, voltage, time, magnetic flux and other values are displayed visually.

professional software (optional): fully automatic or semi-automatic calibration of the fluxmeter, supporting data management and certificate export.

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