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th2100 wideband power analyzer

- th2100 can measure voltage, current, power, frequency, phase, waveform, power factor, harmonics, noise and other electrical parameters during dc~1mhz with 0.01% accuracy.


- device measurement: core, filter, inductor, ballast, etc.

- parts and equipment: motors, inverters, transformers, lighting equipment, etc.

- interaction between the power supply network and the load, such as parameters of them.


- the group delay between voltage and current measurements is less than 3 ns, maintaining the highest measurement level at high frequencies and low power factor.
- waveform display function (oscilloscope).
- measure the phase difference between voltage and current and visually display it by a phasor diagram.
- analyze harmonics below 64 times and visually display it through harmonic analysis histogram.
- the voltage/current measurement loops are independent and isolated from each other, and have overvoltage/overcurrent protection with high reliability.

technical specifications

ac voltage / current measurement



- voltage range: 100 mvrms~1100 vrms ( 3300 vpk ).
- current range: 200 μarms~11 arms ( 33 apk ).
- range switching: manual / automatic shifting.
- display digits: 6 decimal digits.
- measurement function: rms, ave, pk.
- remarks: ①rd is the reading, rg is the range, the same below.

ac power measurement


frequency/phase measurement


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