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th2200 calibrator for electrical steel magnetic properties measurement apparauts

th2200, which is an instrument dedicated to the traceability calibration of electrical steel magnetic measuring devices, has much higher accuracy than the current mainstream commercial magnetic measuring devices.


- calibrate the square measuring method or the single-piece magnetic measuring device manufactured by the principle of m.c method (current measuring method).
- calibrate electrical steel magnetic measuring devices manufactured by the principle of h-coil (field coil method).
- during the new magnetic products development, or delivery and acceptance of bulk products, confirm the measurement data.
- built a high-precision magnetic measurement system with high-stability excitation power supply.

calibration diagram



- electrical parameter measurement: measure voltage, current, frequency, phase, power, power factor, waveform coefficient, crest factor, etc. during dc~10 khz. and display voltage and current waveforms with 0.01% accuracy. it has three measurement modes of average value, peak value and effective value, and supports automatic/manual range switching.
- magnetic parameter measurement: measure h, b, j, ps, hc, br, μ, etc. draw b-h and μ-h curves.
- analysis of magnetization process: display i(t), h(t), u(t), b(t) waveforms.
- evaluate the demagnetization effect: record sample demagnetization curve.
- harmonic analysis: display harmonic histogram and percentage of each harmonic.
- statistical analysis of measurement data.
- synchronization mode: internal synchronization or external synchronization can be selected to achieve synchronous testing with the magnetic measurement device to improve system accuracy.
- human machine function.

- pc software (optional).

technical specifications

electrical parameter




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