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td8900 fluxmeter

- td8900 is a high-precision flux measuring instrument that measures the magnetic flux of a space magnetic field or permanent magnet with types of coils. 

- it can be widely used in the research and analysis of permanent magnets, soft magnetic materials or the quality control and screening of parts and components of motor transformers.


wide measuring range: 0~2wb, 0.5% accuracy.

one button zero drift adjustment.

one-click zero.

- flux unit switching: wb, mwb, vs, mvs, etc.

maximum maintenance.

overrun alarm.

- by setting parameters such as coil area and turns, the magnetic flux can be calculated automatically and the unit t or g can be switched.

- high-definition lcd display, five-digit display, minimum resolution as low as 0.1 μwb.

measuring coil


conventional flux coil: suitable for measuring the flux of a single sample.

skateboard coil: suitable for testing batch samples on the production line.

- helmholtz coil: the magnetic moment for the sample.

stator coil: suitable for measuring the magnetic flux of the stator core quickly.

- remarks: the above coils are optional and can be customized according to samples.

technical specifications


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