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homemagnetic measurementmagnetic parameter measurement series

tm4300b three-axis fluxgate magnetometer

tm4300b is a portable instrument equipped with a high sensitivity, high linearity, low drift fluxgate sensor and advanced digital signal processing to measure the weak magnetic field more accurately. 


single-axis magnetic field measurement range: 1000 μt, automatic range switching.

accuracy: 1% or 2%.

three-dimensional vector measurement: measure xyz component values and vector composite values in real time; the three-axis probe adopts sophisticated design and technology, with high spatial resolution and excellent orthogonality.

- one-click unit switching: μt, mg, etc.

maximum maintenance.

one-click zero.

built-in usb communication interface, convenient for data export or connection to the sampling system.

small size, light weight, low power consumption, easy to carry.

technical specifications


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