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homemagnetic measurementmagnetic parameter measurement series

tm4815b precision single-axis fluxgate magnetometer

tm4815b is a multifunctional instrument suitable for precision measurement of weak magnetic fields.


it meets national standards: db / t 30.1-2008, jjf 1519-2015, etc.


geomagnetic field measurement and environmental magnetic field detection.

detects weak magnetic fields of small ferromagnets or rocks.

- residual magnetic measurement, packaging / package inspection for metal parts processing.

- geological exploration, fault location, archeology, scientific research experiments.

- evaluation of magnetic shield attenuation characteristics.

source of weak magnetic field for calibration laboratory (solenoid / helmholtz coil).

- detection of nmr or electron microscope.

- detecting magnetic field drift of precision instruments.


- it has a relative display mode, which can be turned on or off with a single key. it is used to measure the change between the current magnetic field and the initial value.

judge n / s by the " /-"; multiple units are available: μt, nt, mg, a / m.

- maximum and minimum maintenance;overrun alarm.

provide dc analog signal output up to ± 10v (corresponding to full-scale) for easy access to a data analysis system.

powerful data storage, users can set the data recording time arbitrarily within one hour, and view the stored information in real time through the display screen, or transmit through the analog port or rs232 interface.

the probe support can be customized to facilitate positioning of the probe to the optimal magnetic field test point.

technical specifications


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