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homemagnetic measurementmagnetic parameter measurement series

tm5120b hand-held tesla meter

- tm5120b is a portable and multifunctional magnetic field measuring instrument.

it can be used as a basic magnetic parameter measuring instrument in magnetic material manufacturers and application units, machinery manufacturing enterprises, university research units, etc.


- the magnetic field measurement is up to 3600 mt, auto-range, 1% or 2% accuracy.

- relative measurement mode: measure the difference between the magnetic field and the offset value, which can effectively avoid the influence of the geomagnetic field or stray magnetic field.

- magnetic field measurement mode: switch the ac or dc mode with one key, display the magnetic field frequency.

- magnetic field polarity display: directly display the n / s.

- one-button unit switching: mt, g or a/m.

- one-button clear function: to eliminate the influence of zero drift on the measurement.

- maximum maintenance, overrun alarm, backlight on function.

- built-in usb communication interface, convenient for data export or connection to the sampling system.

- small size, light weight and low power consumption, easy to carry.

- radial hall probe is standard, axial probe is optional for different applications.

zero drift calibration (optional): equipped with a dedicated magnetic shielding cavity to calibrate the zero drift of the instrument.

technical specifications


hall probe schematic


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