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tm6100b tesla meter

- tm6100b is a multifunctional magnetic field measuring instrument.

- it can be used as a basic magnetic parameter measuring instrument in magnetic material manufacturers and application units, machinery manufacturing enterprises, university research units, etc.


- magnetic field measurement up to 3600 mt, fully automatic range switching, n / s polarity directly displayed.

- high measurement accuracy: 0.2% or 0.5%.

- dc measurement mode: suitable for measuring the magnetic flux density of a constant magnetic field or permanent magnet.

ac measurement mode (optional): suitable for measuring spatial alternating magnetic fields during 1 hz~400 hz.

- one-button unit switching: mt or g, 1 mt = 10 g.

- one-button clear function: to eliminate the influence of zero drift on the measurement.

- maximum maintenance.

- over-limit warning function.

- standard rs232 interface for setting up automatic testing system with computer.

small size, light weight and low power consumption, easy to carry.

radial hall probe is standard, axial probe is optional for different applications.

zero drift calibration (optional): equipped with a dedicated magnetic shielding cavity to calibrate the zero drift of the instrument.

technical specifications


hall probe schematic


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