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tm6160b ac&dc tesla meter

tm6160b is a versatile ac-dc tesla meter with a maximum magnetic field of 3t and fully automatic range switching.

it is especially suitable for magnetic induction measurement or other weak ac magnetic field measurement.


- multiple measurement methods: dc mode, ac mode, and weak magnetic field mode.

- two types of probes: hall probe (for strong magnetic field) and coil sensing probe (for weak magnetic field).

- the magnetic field frequency is displayed on the same screen, which greatly improves the repeatability and accuracy.

- determine the n / s polarity by " /-".

various units are available: g, t, oe, a/m.

- record the measured maximum/minimum value, calculate the average value, standard deviation, and stability during the period.

- overrun alarm, one-click zero.

- standard rs232 interface for setting up automatic testing system with computer.

technical specifications

coil induction probe measures magnetic field


reproducibility of the measured magnetic parameters


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