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td9100 online testing system for magnetic properties of silicon strip

- td9100 is used for continuous online testing ps or bm of steel strip, and drawing hysteresis loop, p-l or δ-l curves. 

- the measurement of magnetic field strength has two options: current measurement method (m.c method) and magnetic field coil method (h-coil method).


- the iron loss measurement cycle is shortened to 100 ms, and the resolution of the loss in the length direction is further improved.
- equipped with a fast-responding magnetized power supply that can change the output current in real time according to the thickness change to lock j = 1.7 t.
- dual computer storage, while the lower computer can save 60 minutes of data to ensure the safety of measurement data.
- standard square ring can be configured for daily verification of instrument loss, magnetic field strength, and magnetic flux density measurement accuracy.
- equipped with fully automatic detection software for real-time viewing of measured signals, measurement results and test curves.
- the system performance is stable, the failure rate is low, and the steel belt speed can be monitored. when it is less than the set speed and tends to stop, the system will automatically stop the detection.

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