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td9200 testing system for magnetic properties of motor stator

- td9200 is used for measuring magnetic properties of motor stator during 45 hz ~ 500 hz.

- it is suitable for the rapid and comprehensive analysis of iron core semi-finished products by motor or transformer manufacturers.


- testing stator core by the direct winding method to measure the loss during 0.1 t~1.5 t.
- ac magnetic parameters testing: hm, bm, ps, ss, ff, p, etc.
- magnetic characteristic curve drawing: hysteresis loop, ps-hm, ps-bm, hm-bm curve, etc.


- fast measurement and high accuracy.
- automatic demagnetization with good effect and repeatability.
- testing during the full frequency range with high accuracy and good repeatability.
- equipped with professional measurement software to complete the whole test process automatically by program: magnetization, measurement, data measurement, drawing curve, etc.
- the b or h can be locked by digital feedback to achieve accurate measurement and keep the magnetic waveform sinusoidal.


technical specifications

electrical parameter index


magnetic parameter index


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