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td9600 testing system for magnetostriction characteristics of electrical steel sheet

- td9600 is used for measuring magnetostriction coefficient λp-p and λo-p of electrical steel sheet and drawing j-λ curve. 

- it’s suitable for research and development of electrical steel sheets/belts and quality inspection.


td9600 meets international standard iec 60404-17.


- the magnetic field strength measurement of the magnetic permeability meter supports the m.c method and the h-coil method (option).
- all components of the system have high stability and reliability, low failure rate, and stable operation for a long time.
- the system has an audible and visual alarm device that is activated after equipment failure, measurement process error or completion of the test.
- equipped with an air floating damping platform to reduce the impact of small vibrations around the test.
- with pc software, the whole test and data recording process can be completed automatically.
- the heating and temperature control interface is reserved to facilitate the development of the magnetostrictive coefficient function at 200 °c.
- automatic loading and unloading device (optional): complete the process of attaching the reflective sheet, transferring the sample, loading or unloading the sample into the magnetometer by program automatically.
- pressure loading device (optional): put pressure (0~5 mpa) on samples along the length during the testing and determine the deformation state of the sample under compressive stress.

- harmonic impact test (optional).

- dc bias test (optional).


measured parameters

- magnetic parameters: h(t), hm, b(t), bm, j(t), jm, ps, ss, μ.

- magnetostriction coefficients and curves: magnetostrictive-stress curve, λp-p, λo-p, lva, laa, j-λ curve.


technical specifications

parameter setting


typical measured parameter


electrical parameter index


sample specifications

- sample material: oriented silicon steels and non-oriented silicon steels.
- sample size: standard: 100 mm (± 0.1 mm) × 500 mm (± 0.5 mm), (w*l).
- sample thickness: nominal thickness 0.1 mm~0.7 mm.
- remarks: select the corresponding single piece magnetometer according to the sample size.

pc software

- fully automatic test system, which can communicate with components through rs232 interface, control the operation of each component and receive measurement data.
- it is easy to operate and has powerful data management functions.
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