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td9950 automatic testing system for magnetic properties of electrical steel sheets

td9950 uses automatic control technology to measure magnetic properties of single electrical steel sheet.


- personal safety, functional safety (preventing misuse), data information security, etc.
- reliability, fault tolerance, error correction, life cycle, easy maintenance.
- system detection efficiency and device interconnection.
- big data analysis, integration and sharing, data comparability and consistency.

functions introduction

- feeding cart: store multiple sets of coded samples to be tested. after the operator pushes into the loading station, it will automatically send a signal to start the test.
- transfer device a: draw a single piece of sample and move it over the weighing station, scan the code through the laser scanner, and enter the sample information into the database.
- automatic weighing: weigh the sample and enter the data into the system.
- single-plate magnetometer: complete the magnetization and measurement of the sample to be tested. the magnetic field strength measurement supports current measurement (m.c) and magnetic field coil method (h-coil).
- transfer device b: remove the sample and move it to the returning cart. or insert it into the magnetometer again after it is rotated 90° to measure the magnetic properties of c direction.
- returning cart: store the measured single piece sample. after the cart is full, the alarm prompts manual recycling.


technical specifications

- electrical steel sample size: 500 mm × 500mm.
- measurement speed: 40~60 sheets / h.
- repeat positioning accuracy: 0.2 mm.
- mean time between failures (mtbf): 10000 h.

spatial size planning


security design and planning


- transparent shielding enclosure: prevents personnel from entering the test area and can observe internal test conditions outside.
- camera: a high-definition camera is mounted on the four-sided shielded enclosure for remote monitoring.
- warning light: it lights up in green when it is working normally, and it lights up red when it is abnormal (such as the sample cart is empty or the recycling cart is full).
- smart lock: when a person opens the door, the test is automatically stopped to avoid a safety accident.
- the operator only needs to feed and reclaim materials regularly. he or she doesn’t need to enter the testing area except for maintenance to make sure the safety.

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