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td1250 calibrator for earth-continuity testers


交直流电流测量:0.5 a ~ 60 a

直流电阻模拟:100.00 μω ~ 20.0000 ω

交流电阻模拟:300.00 μω ~ 15.000 0ω


model td1250, a calibrator that can accurately simulate ac and dc standard resistance. the dc resistance range is from 100 μω to 20 ω, the ac resistance range is from 300 μω to 15 ω, the optional accuracy classes are 0.02, 0.05 and 0.1. applied to calibrate earth-continuity testers or other low resistance instruments, and also can be used as an ammeter.

meet the requirements of jjg 984-2004 verification regulation of earth-continuity testers and gb/t 28030-2011 earth continuity tester. the following tests are performed according to the requirements of regulations: maximum allowable error, warning settable error and test current settable error.


● full digital adjustment and programming interface, the resolution is as low as 20 nω which is greatly better than physical resistors.

● compared with the traditional physical standard resistance box, there is no error effect caused by the residual resistance and contact resistance from bandswitch, and avoids the  resistance change caused by overload.

● compared with electrical analog resistance, it has the features of higher sensitivity, more variable digits, lower noise, higher accuracy, intuitive display, preventing incorrect operation and easier operation.

● directly measure ac or dc current with a range of 0.5 a to 60 a, the optimal accuracy is up to ±0.015 %, and fully-automatically switch on all ranges.

● it can also be used as a best ammeter with the functions of dc ripple measurement, ac harmonic measurement, waveform display, data statistics and analysis, stability test, etc.

● hd lcd touch screen can display the input current, output voltage, equivalent resistance and the error of measured meters at the same time.

● good protection, high reliability and self-calibration function.

electrical specifications

dc current measurement


measurement characteristics

● measurement range of current: 0.5 a to 60 a

 range switching: automatic or manual

● display: 6 digits

● ripple: measuring range is from 1 hz to 1 khz, the accuracy is ±0.02 % of range, rms.

ac current measurement


measurement characteristics

● measurement range of current: 0.5 a to 60 a

● range switching: automatic or manual

● display: 6 digits

● frequency: measuring range is from 45 hz to 65 hz, the accuracy is ±0.01 hz

● harmonic: 2nd to 32nd.

dc resistance


equivalent resistance characteristics

● resistance range: 100.00 μω to 20.000 0 ω

● display: 6 digits

ac resistance


equivalent resistance characteristics

● resistance range: 300.00 μω to 15.000 0 ω

● display: 6 digits

general specifications

● line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

● maximum power consumption: 80 va

 operating environment: +18 °c to +28 °c, 40 % to 80 % r·h, non-condensing

● storage environment: -20 °c to +70 °c, <80 % r·h, non-condensing

 dimensions (w × h × d): 460 mm × 215 mm × 320 mm

● weight: 10 kg

● warm-up: 30 minutes

● communication: rs-232 interface

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