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td1230 calibrator for withstanding voltage testers


准确度为 0.2 级 / 0.5 级可选

可满足 1kv 高压、200 ma 耐压电流、500 va 耐压容量

交流测量范围:100 v ~ 15 kv0.1 ma ~ 200 ma

交直流高压的持续时间测量范围:0 ~ 1000 s


model td1230, a calibrator for withstanding voltage testers, the optional accuracy classes are 0.2 and 0.5.

applied to calibrate withstanding voltage testers with the following ranges: maximum high voltage of 15 kv, maximum withstanding voltage current of 200 ma, maximum withstand voltage capacity of 500 va, and the accuracy class is 2 and bellow. and it also can be applied to calibrate the withstanding voltage part of safety performance comprehensive testers and insulated resistance withstanding voltage testers.

meet the requirements of jjg 795-2016 verification regulation of withstanding voltage testers. the following tests are performed according to the requirements of regulations: ac/dc voltage output, breakdown warning current, ac output voltage distortion, dc output voltage ripple coefficient, actual output capacity and voltage duration.


● 8 built-in high voltage loads of constant resistance, is applied to calibrate the breakdown warning current.

● the maximum input of current measurement terminal is up to 1100 v (0.1 uh) which is better than other similar products.

● when measuring current, the voltage source connected to load resistance can be connected to the voltage input terminal at the same time for monitoring the voltage.

● measure the output capacity by a loading box (e.g. td1240) with a maximum power of 500 va.

● when measuring voltage or current, the waveform of electrical parameters can be displayed, and directly measure the ac distortion and dc ripple coefficient.

● a wiring guide area is provided, the wiring terminal is displayed by green flashing to indicate the wiring method of the current measurement mode.

● good electrical isolation and protection between voltage and current measuring channels ensure high safety and reliability.

● measure the dc high voltage duration with a range of 0 to 1000 s.

● large lcd touch screen, more intuitive of value display and easier operation.

electrical specifications

voltage measurement


measurement characteristics

● measurement range of voltage: 100 v to 15 kv

● range switching: automatic or manual

● display: 5 digits

● input impedance: 500 mω

● measurement type: true rms response for ac, average response for dc.

current measurement


measurement characteristics

● measurement range of current: 0.1 ma to 200 ma

● range switching: automatic or manual

● display: 5 digits

● load impedance: 1 kω, 5 kω, 20 kω, 50 kω, 100 kω, 200 kω, 500 kω and 1 mω

● measurement type: true rms response for ac, average response for dc.

other measurement


general specifications

● line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

● maximum power consumption: 100 va

● operating environment: 0 °c to +40 °c, 20 % to 85 % r·h, non-condensing

● storage environment: -20 °c to +70 °c, <95 % r·h, non-condensing

● dimensions (w × h × d): 405 mm × 195 mm × 395 mm

● weight: 8.5 kg

● communication: rs-232 interface

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