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th0450 current transformer analyzer


i/vi/i 型电流互感器的比差和相位移测量、绘制电学特性曲线

电流互感器铁芯的交直流流 (动态) 磁特性参数测量、磁特性曲线绘制




model th0450, an intelligent instrument for analyzing the characteristics of current transformers.

there is a built-in ac standard current source (maximum 110 a), and the measurement functions of ac current (maximum 110 ma) and ac voltage (maximum 110 v).

applied to measure electrical characteristics such as ratio difference (k) and phase angle difference (δ) of type i/i and type i/v current transformer, also measure ac-dc magnetic properties of the current transformer core. the current transformers can be automatically demagnetized before evaluating the diamagnetism.

th0450 has a high integration, fast and accurate automatic detection for the electromagnetic characteristics of current transformers.

simple wiring, high detection efficiency and easy traceability.


measure ratio difference and phase displacement of type i/i and type i/v current transformer, draw electrical characteristic curves.

 measure ac-dc dynamic magnetic properties of current transformer core, draw magnetic properties curves.

 quality testing, design verification, core matching for current transformers.

 measure the ratio difference and phase displacement of the entire current loop.

 evaluating the diamagnetism of current transformers.


 the accuracy of ac current output and measuring acv/aci are class 0.005 at a frequency from 45 hz to 1 khz.

 the ratio difference accuracy is up to ±0.01 % and phase displacement accuracy is up to ±0.001 ° at 50 hz/60 hz.

 support to measure ratio difference and phase displacement at multiple frequency points, draw frequency characteristic curves k(f), δ(f) and current characteristic curves k(i), δ(i) by software.

 direct measurement for ac-dc magnetic properties of finished transformer and the winding of semi-finished iron core.  

 high accuracy and good repeatability measurement of magnetic properties parameters: μi, μm, hc, br, bs, μa, bm, hm and δ.

 draw magnetic permeability to current and frequency characteristic curves μ(i) and μ(f), and other ac-dc magnetic characteristic curves.

 automatic demagnetization, the transformer core can reach the magnetic neutral state more compared with the ordinary demagnetizer.

 strong load capability of current output, long time operation under full load and ensure value accurate and stable.

 good electrical isolation and protection between output channel and measurement loop, and good anti-noise performance.

 proprietary software (option): semi-automatic or full-automatic detection, data management and reports export.

electrical specifications

ac current (i1) output 


output characteristics

 output range: 0.2 ma to 110 a

 resolution: 0.0005 % of range

 ripple factor: <0.2 %

 frequency: the range is from 45 hz to 65 hz, the resolution is 0.0001 hz, the accuracy is ±0.001 hz

 protection: short-circuit and overload protection

ac voltage (u2) and current (i2)

 measuring range of u22 mv to 110 vmeasurement characteristics

 measuring range of i2: 0.02 ma to 110 ma

 range switching: automatic or manual

 display: 7 digits

 frequency: the range is from 45 hz to 65 hz, the resolution is 0.0001 hz, the accuracy is ±0.001 hz

 harmonic measurement: 2nd to 63rd

ratio difference and phase displacement measurement (i1 - i2 or i1 - u2)

 ratio difference 
range: input current range is the same as i1, output range is the same as i2.
accuracy: ±0.01 % @ 50 hz/60 hz.

 phase displacement 
range: 0.000 ° to 359.999 °
resolution: 0.0001 °
accuracy: ±0.001 ° @ 50 hz/60 hz.

magnetic parameters


general specifications

 line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

 maximum power consumption: 400 va

 operating environment: 0 °c to +40 °c, r·h from 40 % to 75 %, non-condensing

 storage environment: -20 °c to +70 °c, r·h <95 %, non-condensing

 communication: rs-232 interface
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