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th1700 thermometer


热电偶测量:电压最大达± 100 mv,最佳年准确度达± 20 ppm


铂电阻测量:支持测量绝对电阻,量程最大4 kω,测温最小分辨力为0.001 mk

支持pt0.25pt2.5pt25pt100pt1000 等多种类型的铂电阻

热敏电阻测量:最大达1 mω,测温最小分辨力为0.001 mk


model th1700, a high-precision reference level thermometer with multi-function of resistance, temperature and thermocouple measurements.

two resistance measurement modes: measure absolute resistance by the built-in reference resistors, or measure resistance ratio (rx/rs) then calculate the temperature values.

connect to high-accuracy reference standard resistors for higher accuracy measurements.

compared with the traditional method of using measuring temperature bridges, model th1700 has the feature of simple wiring, convenient operation, fast measurement, high cost performance and easy traceability.

applied to calibrate thermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers and thermistors in metrology laboratory.


thermocouples (tc) measurement
maximum measurement voltage is up to ±100 mv, the optimal measurement accuracy is up to ±20 ppm in 1 year.
support more than 10 kinds of thermocouple temperature measurement with a display by temperature or voltage.

 platinum resistors measurement
support to measure absolute resistance with a maximum range of 4 kω and a minimum resolution of 0.001 mk.
measure resistance ratio (rx/rs) by a built-in multiple sets of reference resistors with a range from 0.1 to 10.0.
the accuracy is up to ±0.1 ppm at the range of 0.95 to 1.05, the linearity is as good as traditional bridges.

support to measure various platinum resistors, such as pt0.25, pt2.5, pt25, pt100, pt1000, etc.

 thermistors measurement
the maximum measurement is up to 100 mω, and the minimum resolution is 0.001 mk.


 multiple measurement channels, each channel can connect thermocouple or 4-wire resistance measurement.

 the reference resistors are placed in the incubator of the instrument to ensure the long-term stability.

 externally connect to standard resistors which of the resistance values close to the internal calibrated resistance values, to calibrate the internal reference resistors.

 advanced circuit design eliminates the effects of stray thermal emf and electrical noise on measurement accuracy.

 fast measurement, less time for testing and more time for tracking temperature changes.

 excitation current can change phase from 1x to 1.414x (or continuously adjustable current).

 by setting different excitation currents, automatically calculate the measurement value at zero power to eliminate the temperature error caused by self-heating.

 large lcd touch screen, display in single channel or multiple channels simultaneously.

 supported measurement units: rx/rs, ω, k, °c and °f.

 proprietary software (option): semi-automatic or full-automatic detection, data management and reports export.

electrical specifications

thermocouples (dcv)

 range switching: automatic or manualmeasurement characteristics

 minimum resolution: 1 nv @ 20 mv range.

 display: 8 digits

platinum resistors

 minimum resolution: 10 nω @ 1 ω range.measurement characteristics

 display: 9 digits

resistance ratio (rx/rs)




general specifications

 line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

 operating environment: +18 °c to +28 °c, r·h from 20 % to 60 %, non-condensing

 storage environment: +5 °c to +40 °c, r·h <95 %, non-condensing

 communication: rs-232 interface

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