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th0350 calibrator for dc bridges


model th0350, an intelligent calibrator that accurately simulates a wide range of dc standard resistors.

low resistance range is from 100 μω to 111 ω, the corresponding current input range is from  1 ma to 11 a. medium and high resistance range is from 10 ω to 11 mω, the corresponding current input range is from 0.25 μa to 80 ma. all ranges are fully automatic switching, and the optimal accuracy is up to ±50 ppm.

applied to calibrate wheatstone bridges, double bridges, digital electric bridges, digital microhmmeters and dc resistance meters.

reference standards

 jjg 125-2004 verification regulation of d.c. bridges

 jjg 837-2003 verification regulation of d.c. low resistance meters


 calibrate wheatstone bridges (classes 0.02 and below)

 calibrate double bridges (classes 0.02 and below)

 calibrate dc resistance meters (classes 0.02 and below)

 calibrate temperature measuring bridges (classes 0.02 and below)


 full digital adjustment and interface programming, the resolution is as low as 5 nω, the self-calibration function ensures the accuracy and stability of values for a long time.

 compared with the traditional physical standard resistance box, the resolution of model th0350 is higher with a typical value 0.1 mω. no error effect caused by residual resistance (the typical value is mω level) and contact resistance from transfer switch, avoid resistance change caused by overload.

 maximum current is up to 11 a, fully-automatically switches on all ranges, strong capability of withstanding current impulse to avoid resistance change caused by current overload.

 fully testing of esd and emc to ensure high reliability.

 hd lcd touch screen make intuitive display and convenient operation.

 connect the instrument to a computer via rs-232 interface, easy to build computer automatic test system.

electrical specifications

4-wire low resistance


equivalent resistance characteristics

 current input range: 1 ma to 11 a. overload of range brings additional resistance error.

 range switching: automatic or manual.

 measurement mode: 4-wire

 current measurement function

 operating environment: 23 °c ±1 °c, r·h from 40 % to 60 %, warm up for 1 hour.

medium and high resistance


equivalent resistance characteristics

 resistance range: 10 % to 110 % on all ranges. 

 measurement mode: 4-wire or 2-wire

 current measurement function

 operating environment: 23 °c ±1 °c, r·h from 40 % to 60 %, warm up for 1 hour.

general specifications

 line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

 operating environment: +18 °c to +28 °c, r·h from 40 % to 65 %, non-condensing

 storage environment: +5 °c to +40 °c, r·h <85 %, non-condensing

 communication: rs-232 interface

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