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td2310 high-power adjustable ac resistive load

搭配 td1330 使用,对电动汽车充电桩进行现场测试

单个功率最大达 27kw,可多个级联


td2310 is a high-power ac resistive load box with various power specifications. the panel is equipped with standard ac charging socket, which can be used with td1320 to realize the field test of ac charger.

technical specifications


other characteristics:

 connection: ac charging socket

 heat dissipation modeforced-air cooling

 alarm function: over temperature alarm and fan fault alarm.

 power expansion: multiple cascades are supported, such as four 27 kw parallel connections form a total power of 54 kw.

 line powerac ( 220 ± 22 ) v,( 50 ± 2 ) hz

 standard interfacers232 

selection guidance


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