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td1548 detection apparatus of reference meters for dc electrical energy


功率 / 电能准确度达 0.01 

直流电压输出:最大达 1150 v

直流电流输出:最大达 600 a

直流小信号电压输出:最大达 ± 4.4 v

满足正反向电能表的检定要求,其最小输出低至 10 μv


td1548 is an integrated detection apparatus applied to dc electrical energy metering. it is composed of accurate dc voltage source, dc current source, dc small signal voltage source, clock calibrator, multi-function verification station, automatic verification software and so on and so on. the accuracy of voltage/current is 0.005, and power/electrical energy is 0.01. it is suitable for provincial and municipal metrology and electric power institute, manufacturers, users of meters for dc energy as the high-level standards of dc power and electrical energy.

reference standards are gb/t 33708-2017 static meter for direct current energy and jjg 842-2017 verification regulation of electronic meters for measuring direct current electrical energy which tianheng participated in drafting. 


 full-automatically verification of 3 direct connected reference meters for measuring dc electrical energy with accuracy of 0.02 and below

 full-automatically verification of 3 indirect connected reference meters(connected with shunt) for measuring dc electrical energy with accuracy of 0.05 and below

 full-automatically verification of one field tester of dc charger for electric vehicles with accuracy of 0.02 and below

 equipped with standard charging input socket and output plug consistent with gb/t20234, so there is no need for complex connection adapter to improve the detection efficiency. 


 dc voltage outputthe maximum value is 1150 v,which can meet the requirements of voltage test at 1.15un for 1 kv electrical energy meter。

 dc current output: the maximum value is 600 a,which can be used as current input of field tester of dc charger for electric vehicles, direct connected meters for dc energy and indirect connected meters with shunt.

 dc small signal voltage output: the maximum value is +4.4 v, which can be used as the current input (corresponding to shunt voltage) of indirect connected meters for dc energy, and meet the calibration requirements of forward and backward electrical energy meters.

   the minimum output is as low as 10 μv, which is the basis for starting test of electrical energy meter.

 clock verification: built in clock receiving module, it can display real-time clock and synchronize with beijing time.

 multi-function verification workbench: it is equipped with dc voltage/current output terminal, charging input socket, photoelectric pulse and communication interface to meet various detection needs; the embedded hd display window convenient for users to observe and record the working state of the meter.

 all the source, terminal knob, pulse interface and communication interface are modularized to facilitate disassembly and verification.

 proprietary software(option): full-automatic verification is realized that error measurement to certificate archiving and printing is completed by computer, which greatly saves labor costs.

 test items of field tester of dc charger: voltage/current detect、power/electrical energy detect, clock verification,etc.


technical specifications

dc voltage output


output characteristics:

 output range: 10 mv~1150 v

 resolution: 0.0005%*rg,

 display: 7 digits

 protectionshort-circuit protection, overload protection 

dc current output


output characteristics:

 output range: 1 ma~600 a

 resolution: 0.0005%*rg

 display: 7 digits

 protectionopen-circuit protection, overload protection

dc small signal voltage output


output characteristics:

 output range: ± ( 10 μv~4.4 v )

 output range0.0005%*rg

 display: 7 digits

 protection: short-circuit protection, overload protection

dc electric energy / power

 accuracy: ± 0.01%*rd

 output of standard electrical energy pulse (high frequency): full scale value corresponds to 60 khz.

   output of standard electrical energy pulse(low frequency): full scale value corresponds to 6 hz.

   pulse output frequency jitter: < 10 μs

 input of standard electric energy pulse: high frequency pulse less than or equal to 150khz with the amplitude of 5 v can be received.

 the electrical energy error is automatically displayed with a resolution of 0.0001%.

clock calibrator

 seconds signal measurement: pulse signal is input with bnc socket as square wave signal with the amplitude of 0-5vpk

 range: 0.5 hz~10 mhz

   display:7 digits

   accuracy: ±(2.0×10-8)

 standard second signal output: standard second signal and reference frequency

       stability: ±(2.0×10-10)/h

   accuracy: ±(2.0×10-8)

   input voltage≤5v

 clock: gps absolute clock reception function, real-time clock display。

general specifications

 line power: ac ( 220 ± 22 ) v,( 50 ± 2 ) hz;

 maximum consumption: 5.5 kva

 operating environment15 ℃~30 ℃,40%~75% r·h,non-condensing

 storage environment0 ℃~40 ℃,< 95% r·h,non-condensing

 dimensions(width*depth*height): 2500 mm × 800 mm × 1230 mm

 standard interfaces: rs232

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