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td4200 calibration device for three-phase apparatuses


三相电量输出与测量:电压最大达 825 v,电流最大达 120 a,电流输出最小低至 0.1 ma


谐波输出功能:三相输出可加载 2 ~ 21 次幅度与相位均可调的谐波

谐波测量功能:三相输入可测量 2 ~ 64 次谐波


model td4200, an integrated calibration device with wide range, high accuracy and multi-function. composed of high-precision three-phase source, reference three-phase multimeter, high-precision dc source, workbench and proprietary calibration software. the optional accuracy classes of three-phase power are 0.01 and 0.02.

applied to calibrate three-phase apparatuses, multimeters, transmitters and other electrical measurement devices.

this calibration device complies with the following standards:

● jjg 124-2005 verification regulation of amperemeters, voltmeters, wattmeters and ohmmeters

● jjf 1284-2011 calibration specification of calibrators for electrical meters

● dl/t 1112-2009 verification code of verification equipment for ac&dc meter




● three-phase electrical parameters output: the voltage is up to 825 v, the current is up to 55 a, and the current is as low as 0.1 ma.

● switching between sources and meters: there are two independent output and measuring terminals, and the switching between sources and meters is done by the proprietary calibration software.

● harmonic output: the output can load 2nd to 21st standard harmonics with adjustable amplitude and phase to test harmonic influence on the checked meters.

● harmonic measurement: measure the harmonic from 2nd to 64th, analyze each order harmonic content and the total harmonic distortion of the checked sources.

● good load capacity of the three-phase source output, can calibrate the analogue meters.

● all the sources, meters, terminals and interfaces are modular, easy to disassemble and calibrate.

● there is a lcd control panel on the workbench, and all electrical parameters display on the panel, easy to observe and operate.

● dc electrical parameters output: the voltage is up to 1100 v, the current is up to 110 a, and the current is as low as 1 μa.

● the proprietary calibration software supports the communication with most checked meters or checked sources for full-automatic calibration.

● full-automatic calibration includes the following contents: basic error, output stability of the source, repeatability of measurement, calculation of uncertainty, etc.

● support the automatic rounding to test data, and automatically determine the eligibility.

● support the custom report printing, historical data and report retrieval, annual error analysis or other data management.

electrical specifications

three-phase voltage output


output characteristics

● output range of voltage: 0.1 v to 825 v

● resolution: 0.001 % of range

● display: 7 digits

● distortion: <0.2 %

 protection: short-circuit protection and overload protection.

three-phase current output


output characteristics

● output range of current: 1 ma (or 0.1 ma) to 120 a

● resolution: 0.001 % of range

● display: 7 digits

● distortion: <0.2 %

● protection: open-circuit protection, overload protection.

ac power output


output characteristics

● output range of ac power: combination of ac voltage range and ac current range.

● range of power factor: -1.0000…0.0000…+1.0000

frequency, phase, harmonic and symmetry output


ac voltage measurement


measurement characteristics

● range switching: automatic or manual

● measuring range: 6 v to 792 v

 minimum resolution: 10 μv @ 60 v range

 display: 7 digits

ac current measurement


measurement characteristics

● range switching: automatic or manual

● measuring range: 1 ma (or 2 ma) to 120 a

● minimum resolution: 10 na @ 10 ma (or 20 ma) range

● display: 7 digits

frequency and phase measurement


ac power and electric energy measurement


measurement characteristics

● power / electric energy measuring range: 

combination of dc voltage range and dc current range

● power factor measuring range: -1.000 000…0.000 000…1.000 000

● input of standard electric energy pulse: 
frequency ≤10 khz, input level from 0 to 3.3 v…24 v

● output of standard electric energy pulse: 
high frequency fs @ 60 khz, low frequency fs @ 6 hz

dc voltage output (option)


output characteristics

● output range of voltage: 1 mv to 1100 v

● resolution: 0.001 % of range

● display: 7 digits

● ripple coefficient: <0.5 %

● protection: short-circuit protection and overload protection.

dc current output (option)


output characteristics

● output range of voltage: 1μa to 33 a (or 110 a)

● resolution: 0.001 % of range

 display: 6 digits

● ripple coefficient: <0.5 %

● protection: open-circuit protection and overload protection.

dc power output (option)

● output range of dc power: combination of dc voltage range and dc current range.

● accuracy of dc power: addition of dc voltage accuracy and dc current accuracy.

dc small signal measurement (option)


general specifications

● line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

● operating environment: 0 °c to +40 °c, 20 % to 80 % r·h, non-condensing

● storage environment: -20 °c to +70 °c, <95 % r·h, non-condensing

● dimensions (w × h × d): 2750 mm × 1050 mm × 900 mm (workbench)

● weight: 200 kg (workbench)

● communication: rs-232 interface

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