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td2400 ac high voltage source


准确度: 0.02 级 / 0.05 级可选

电压输出范围:100 v~15 kv

频率范围:45.000 hz~ 65.000 hz


model td2400, an ac high voltage source with wide range, high precision and multi-function. this apparatus can output high stability ac voltage, and the optional accuracy classes are 0.02 and 0.05. applied to calibrate ac high voltmeters, calibrators for withstanding voltage testers, high voltage probes, etc.


● the maximum ac high voltage is up to 15 kv with small distortion and high accuracy.

● good electrical protection such as arc protection, short-circuit protection and overload protection.

● hd lcd touch screen with a 6 digits display, can display multiple electrical parameters.

● directly output voltage by the digital buttons, and there is a high voltage switch for protecting the safety of operators.

● easy to build automatic detection system with the built-in rs-232 interface.

electrical specifications

ac voltage


output characteristics

● output range of voltage: (10% to 100%) of range

● measurement type: true rms.

● resolution: 0.002 % of range

● display: 6 digits

● distortion: ≤0.5 %

● maximum load: 60 va

● frequency: measuring range is from 45 hz to 65 hz, the accuracy is ±0.01 hz.

 protection: short-circuit protection and overload protection

general specifications

● line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

● maximum power consumption: 200 va

● operating environment: 0 °c to +40 °c, 40 % to 75 % r·h, non-condensing

● storage environment: -20 °c to +70 °c, <95 % r·h, non-condensing

● communication: rs-232 interface

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