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td7600 test system for process signals

热工仪表与过程信号计量校准的参考级仪器,准确度等级达 0.003 

电量输出与测量:直流电压 / 电流、电阻、脉冲信号

支持多种类型热电阻 ( rtd ) 的模拟和测量,支持四线电阻测量模式

支持多种类型热电偶 ( tc ) 的模拟和测量,用户可选择内部或外部进行温度补偿


model td7600, a reference calibrator for thermal meters and process signals. the accuracy class is 0.003, it can calibrate the process signal calibrators with class 0.01 and below, and calibrate the thermal process instruments such as industrial sensors, transmitters and recorders.

meet the requirement of jjf 1472-2014 calibration specification for process calibrators. (tunkia is involved in drafting)



support output or measurement of following electrical parameters: dc voltage, dc current, resistance, pulse signal, etc.

 support equivalent simulation and measurement of various thermal resistances (rtd), 4-wire resistance measurement mode.

 support equivalent simulation and measurement of various thermocouples (tc), and automatic temperature compensation without external compensating elements.


 the output and measurement can be performed simultaneously, the information of source and meter are displayed separately, and any channel can be closed off at any time.

 good electrical isolation between the channels to ensure the accuracy for a long time.

 the equivalent output or measurement values of rtd and tc can be displayed in the form of electrical parameter or temperature.

 provide dc voltage of 24 v as auxiliary power supply for transmitters (loop mode).

 complete electrical protection such as electrostatic protection and instantaneous overload protection of voltage and current, can adapt to complex industrial applications.

 large lcd touch screen, more intuitive of value display

 select the proprietary calibration software with computer to build full-automatic calibration system.

 the proprietary calibration software has built in multiple calibration solutions for dozens of process signal calibrator manufacturers at home and abroad.

 the proprietary calibration software has powerful data management, and supports customized templates to generate calibration reports.

electrical specifications

dc voltage and current output


output characteristics

 output range of voltage: 10 mv to 105 v

 output range of current: 2 ma to 110 ma

 ripple coefficient: <0.5 %

 display: 7 digits

dc voltage and current measurement


measurement characteristics

 measuring range of voltage: 10 mv to 120 v

 measuring range of current: 2 ma to 110 ma

 display: 7 digits

dc resistance output and measurement


output and measurement characteristics

 output range of resistance: 4 ω to 440 ω @ 400 ω range; 5 ω to 4.4 kω @ 4 kω range.

 measuring range of resistance: 4 ω to 4.8 kω

 display: 7 digits

 measurement mode: 2-wire or 4-wire

frequency signal output and measurement

 output range of frequency: 1 hz to 100 khz.

 measuring range of frequency: 1 hz to 100 khz.

 minimum resolution: 0.01 hz

 display: 6 digits

 output accuracy in 1 year: ±0.005 %

 measurement accuracy in 1 year: ±0.005 %

 output signal type: 0.3 vp-p to 12 vp-p

rtd output (°c)


rtd measurement (°c)


tc output and measurement (mv)

 output/ measurement range: -10 mv to 80 mv

 accuracy in 1 year: ± (25 ppm + 2 μv)

 ripple coefficient: <0.5 %

 display: 7 digits

tc output and measurement with external compensation (°c)

general specifications

 line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

 maximum power consumption: 80 va

 operating environment: +15 °c to +35 °c, 20 % to 85 % r·h, non-condensing

 calibrated environment: +21 °c to +25 °c, 40 % to 60 % r·h, warm up for 30 minutes

 storage environment: 0 °c to +40 °c, <95 % r·h, non-condensing

 dimensions (w × h × d): 460 mm × 220 mm × 360 mm

 weight: 10 kg

 communication: rs-232 interface

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