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th0550 precision ac i/v converter

精密交流 i/v 转换器,最佳准确度达 0.005 级,输出标称电压为 1 v

电流测量范围为 0.1 a ~ 120 a,过载不易损坏

交流电流测量频率范围宽广,达 40 hz ~ 10 khz


相位移极小,即使在 1 khz 时其相移也小于 0.005°


model th0550, a precision ac i/v converter, the optimal accuracy is up to ±50 ppm, and the nominal voltage is 1 v.

combine with data collectors to analyze harmonics, and to measure ratio difference, phase angle difference. combine with v-v dividers to build measurement system for voltage, current, power, frequency, phase and power factor.


 current measuring range is from 0.1 a to 120 a. not easy to damage when overloaded.

 wide measuring range of ac current frequency is from 40 hz to 10 khz.

 passive form, high stability and reliability, extremely low change rate.

 minimal phase displacement is less than 0.005 ° even at 1 khz.

 complete electrical isolation between the primary input and secondary output, the voltage is ≥2 kv, the insulation resistance is ≥100 mω, high cmrr.

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