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td3610 verification apparatus of three-phase reference meters


功率 / 电能准确度达 0.01 级 ( 可定制至 0.005 级 )

三相电量输出 / 测量:电压最大达 576 v ( 可定制 800 v ),电流最大达 120 a,电流输出最小低至 0.1 ma

谐波输出:三相输出能加载 2 ~ 21 次 ( 可定制 64 次 ) 幅度 / 相位可调的谐波

谐波测量:三相输入能测量 2 ~ 64 次谐波


td3610 is a set of high class apparatus specially applied to the verification of three-phase meters. it is composed of standard three-phase ac power source, reference meter, multi-station verification workbench (built-in terminal knob, pulse input and output module, control module, display module, communication interface, anti-static table, etc), computer, proprietary software and so on. the accuracy is 0.01 and can be customizable to 0.005. it is suitable for setting up high-grade three-phase energy measurement standards in the fields of metrology, electric power, military industry, manufacturing, scientific research and so on. reference standard is jjg1085-2013 verification regulation of reference meters for electrical energy.

the apparatus is based on the stable output of ac power source. standard reference meter(td3310,and other brand of reference meter is supported) independently developed by tianheng is adopted as the accuracy assurance. combined with meter-source switching function, it can have verification reference meters and reference sources of class 0.02 and below. the accuracy of the embedded ac power source is 0.02, when the embedded reference meter is apart, the apparatus can also have verification on reference meters of class 0.02 and below.


● three-phase electric parameter output and measurement: the maximum ac output capacity is 576 v/120 a, and the minimum current output to 0.1 ma, which is the basis for start-up test of the verified meter.

● output of high-order harmonics: it can load 2nd-21st (64th is customizable) harmonic with adjustable amplitude and phase to complete the verification of harmonic reference meters.

● measurement of high-order harmonics: it can measure 2nd to 64th harmonics,  analyze the harmonic content and total harmonic distortion of the three-phase source and draw harmonic histogram.

● two sets of independent output and measurement knobs are equipped on the verification workbench, which can realize the verification work of meter and source detection by software switching.

● the apparatus has the metering function of electrical energy of single-phase, three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire, positive and reverse active and other types.

● other functions: oscilloscope, phasor diagram display, power stability test, trend curve, statistical analysis, etc.

● all the terminals, pulse interfaces and communication interfaces are modular in design to facilitate disassembly and verification.

● the workbench is equipped with large size lcd high-definition, which is intuitive and convenient for operation.

high reliability of reference meter: no relay is used in current shifting module, so whichever range is suddenly input with high current,no damage will be caused. the original traceable data can be automatically retrieved by pressing the self-calibration key in case that the measurement channel is input with inadvertent dc signal. it can still ensure the accuracy of the value in the limit state of switching(500 v, 100 a).

● quality assurance of reference meter: the temperature coefficient of voltage and current is less than 0.5 ppm/k, and the annual variation rate of main technical indexes is small. the average mtbf is 10000 hours.

features( software )

● the software can realize automatic calibration or verification of single/three-phase reference meters and sources according to the regulation.

● the apparatus supports communication with the majority of meters and sources. and the powerful data management function can realize the printing of internal pages and covers of certificates, historical certificate retrieval, historical data storage and annual error analysis.

● the error correction configuration, stability test and accuracy analysis of the reference meter is supported. it can also regularly verify the accuracy of the apparatus and records the error comparison curve. 

three-phase reference source ( class 0.02)

ac voltage/current output


output characteristics:

 range of voltage: 6 v~576 v (customizable to 800v ),burden capacity:50 va for each station

● range of current: 0.1 ma~120 a, burden capacity:90 va for each station

● resolution: 0.002%*rg

 display: 6 digits

● protection: short-circuit protection, open-circuit protection, overload protection 

frequency, phase and harmonic

● range of frequency: 45.000 hz~65.000 hz

   resolution: 0.001 hz

   accuracy: ± 0.01 hz

● range of phase: 0.000°~359.999°

   resolution: 0.005°

   accuracy: ± 0.05°

● harmonic output(option): it can load 2nd to 21st harmonics with adjustable  amplitude 0~40% and phase 0.0°~359.9° .

stability of output power


output characteristics:

● ac power range: combination of ac voltage range and current range

● power factor range: -1.000 000…0.000 000…1.000 000

three-phase reference meter ( td3310,class 0.01)

ac voltage measurement


measurement characteristics:

● range: 6 v~825 v,

● range switching: automatic or manual

 resolution: 10 μv ( range of 30 v)

● display: 7 digits 

ac current measurement


measurement characteristics:

● range: 1 ma~120 a

● range switching: automatic or manual

 resolution: 10 μv ( range of 30 v)

● display: 7 digits

frequency and phase

 frequency: 45.0000 hz~65.0000 hz。

   resolution: 0.0001 hz

   accuracy: ± 0.001 hz。

● phase0.0000°~359.9999°


   accuracy: ± 0.0005°

ac electric energy / power measurement


measurement characteristics:

● ac electric energy / power measuring range: combination of ac voltage range and ac current range

● power factor measuring range: -1.000000…0.000000…1.000000

● output of standard electrical energy pulse (high frequency): full scale value corresponds to 60 khz.

   output of standard electrical energy pulse(low frequency): full scale value corresponds to 6 hz.

● input of standard electrical energy pulse: pulse less than or equal to 150khz with the amplitude of 0~24 v can be received. 

general specifications

● line power: ac ( 220 ± 22 ) v,( 50 ± 2 ) hz

● operating environment: 0 ℃~45 ℃,20%~85% r·h,不结露

● storage environment-20 ℃~70 ℃,< 95% r·h,不结露

● dimensions(width*depth*height): 2600 mm × 800 mm × 1000 mm ( single station workbench )

 dimensions(width*depth*height): 3000 mm × 1000 mm × 1100 mm ( 3 single station workbench )

● standard interface: rs232 

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