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td3250 field tester of meters for three phase energy


电量直接测量:10 v ~ 480 v0.05 a ~ 12 a

电流钳形夹测量:0.1 a ~ 120 a



td3250 is a portable apparatus specially applied to on-site calibration of meters for three-phase electric energy, which integrates functions such as electric parameter measurement, meter calibration, wiring identification, harmonic analysis, waveform display, phase diagram display, data management and so on. the apparatus is very suitable for the on-site verification of single-phase, three-phase three thread, three-phase four thread meters for active and reactive power.


 direct measurement of electric parameteracv10 v~480 v,aci0.05 a~12 a.

 range switching: automatic or manual

 current clamp measurement: 0.1 a to 120 a, for on-line measurement of the alternating current of the meter.

 waveform display: the apparatus has the function of oscilloscope, which can display the waveform of measured power in real time.

 phase measurement: measuring the phase difference between three phases, and displaying it in phase graph.

 harmonic analysis: measuring 2nd-31st harmonic and showing the content of each harmonic, total harmonic distortion and harmonic histogram.

 wiring function: it can identify various three-phase wiring modes, report the results, and give the correction coefficient of electricity.

 electric energy metering: it is equipped with electric energy pulse input/output interface and portable photoelectric head, which is convenient for on-site verification.


 power supply: 2 modes of ac power input or large capacity lithium batteries (continuous working time is not less than 8 hours) .

 data storage: thousands of measurement data can be recorded and transferred to the management software kit.

 man-machine function: it has screen lock function that lock and unlock could be shift by one key.

 human-computer interaction: large size lcd color screen is adopted, which is convenient to operate and intuitive to display.

 portable instrument box with small volume and light weight is equipped, which is very convenient to carry to the scene.

technical specifications

ac voltage and current


measurement characteristics:

 voltage measurement range: 10 v~480 v

 voltage measurement range(direct measurement): 0.05 a~12 a

 voltage measurement range(clamp measurement): 0.1 a~120 a

 display: 6 digits

 frequency range45 hz~65 hz, resolution0.001 hz,accuracy:± 0.01 hz

 phase range: 0.00°~359.99°,resolution0.01°, 

   accuracy of direct measurement: ± 0.05°,accuracy of clamp measurement± 0.2°

dc electric energy / power


measurement characteristic:

 ac power range: combination of ac voltage range and ac current range

 power factor range: -1.0000…0.0000…1.0000

 output of standard electrical energy pulse (high frequency): full scale value corresponds to 60 khz.

       output of standard electrical energy pulse(low frequency): full scale value corresponds to 6 hz.

       electrical energy pulse input: frequency ≤10 khz,voltage:0~3.3 v…24 v

         display range of electrical energy error: -999.999%~+999.999%

general specifications

 line power: ac ( 198~253 ) v,( 50 ± 2 ) hz

 operating environment: -20℃~55℃,40%~80% r·h,non-condensing

 storage environment: -20 ℃~70 ℃,< 80% r·h,non-condensing

 dimensions(width*depth*height): 370 mm × 270 mm × 170 mm

 weight: 4.5 kg

 standard interface: rs232

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