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td3700-1 ac magnetic field apparatus of meters for electrical energy


符合 oiml r46 指令中有关电能表磁场影响试验的技术指标

高精度交流电流源对环形线圈励磁,产生 0 ~ 1050 a/m 程控可调的工频交流磁场

环形线圈与被检表平台由精密步进电机控制,可 0 ~ 360° 旋转


td3700-1 is a set of apparatus specially applied to detection of the influence of ac magnetic field on meters for electrical energy. it is composed of ac excitation current source, loop coil, verified meter platform, motor control system, verification apparatus of three-phase meters, calibration interface platform, computer and automatic test software. the apparatus can generate a programmable and adjustable power frequency ac magnetic field, and cooperate with the verification apparatus to complete the effect test of ac magnetic field on meter error. it conforms to the technical index of the magnetic field impact test in the oiml r46 instructions. 


● the loop coil is excited by a built-in precise ac current source to generate a 0-1050 a/m programmable ac magnetic field.

notes: the apparatus can work for 3s at 1000 a/m and continuously at 400 a/m.

● the annular coil and verified meter platform are controlled by precise stepper motor, and can be rotated at 0~360°.

● the rotation angle is controlled by computer to facilitate the application of ac magnetic field to all directions of the verified meter.

● the phase of ac magnetic field and the working voltage of meter be adjusted simultaneously and arbitrarily within 0~360 degrees.

● computer detection software is equipped to complete the automatic and semi-automatic test of the influence of ac magnetic field on meter.

● the automatic detection action includes: automatically adjusting the value of ac magnetic field; automatically verifying the error value and magnetic field influence of the meter at each verification point; automatically controlling the rotation of the loop coil and the verified platform.

● software has perfect function of automatic backup and data management, which makes data retrieval convenient.

● the software can output statistic report such as verification certificate, test report, etc. preservation and printing of multi-format document is also supported.

technical specifications


general specifications

● line power: ac ( 220 ± 22 ) v,47 hz~55 hz

● operating environment0 ℃~40 ℃,20%~85% r·h, non-condensing

● storage environment: -20 ℃~70 ℃,< 85% r·h, non-condensing

● dimensions(width*depth*height): 3300 mm × 1100 mm × 1400 mm

● standard interface: rs232

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