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tk5120 precision magnetic moment tester

tk5120 is a high precision magnetic flux measuring instrument equipped with magnetic moment coil to measure φ, m, j of samples. it meets the international standard iec 60404-14:2002.

- magnetic flux measurement: digital integration.
- accuracy: 0.05% or 0.1%.
- magnetic moment measurement: calculate the total magnetic moment m automatically according to the coil constant.
- magnetic flux density measurement: calculate the magnetic flux density automatically according to m and the volume of the sample.
- one button zero drift adjustment.
- one-click zero.
- maximum maintenance.
- magnetic moment unit switching: wb·cm, vs·cm, a·m2, etc.
- overrun alarm.
- high-definition lcd, 6-digit display, full touch operation.

technical specifications
voltage measurement

flux / moment measurement

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