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td8320 / td8330 testing system for permanent magnetic materials

td8320 / td8330 is mainly used to measure the magnetic properties of various types of permanent magnet materials, and draw relevant magnetic characteristic curves. it has the characteristics of convenient operation, fast measurement, good repeatability and high reliability.

the td8320 / td8330 meets international standards iec 60404-5 and astm a977. optional high temperature device enable measurements up to 220 ° c meets the international standard iec / tr 61807.

measuring materials : alnico, ferrite, ndfeb, smco, etc.
sample shape: ring, cylinder, circle, square, tile shape (with fixture).
measurable parameters : js, br, hcb, hcj, ( bh )max, hk and μrec.

adopt b or j coil fluxmeter to measure b or j.
adopt magnetometer hall probe or h coil flux meter to measure h.
equipped with electromagnet with φ250 or φ280 options,the maximum magnetic field of up to 3.2t.
optional temperature cap enables the measured sample to reach 220 ° c for high temperature test.
equipped with pc software to complete the test process automatically.

technical specifications
magnetic parameters

measuring parameters

pc software

support windows system, easy to operate.

magnetization, demagnetization, and test of conventional permanent magnet samples are completed in one time, and the measurement time is short..
measurement process automatic control completed.
freely set the excitation current output percentage; perform zero-blown operation on the fluxmeter and the tesla meter.
automatically save measurement data, draw complete magnetic curves, and test conditions and sample parameters.

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