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td1050a calibration device for clamp ammeters


参考标准:jjf 1075-2015《钳形电流表校准规范》(天恒测控参与起草)

准确度等级有 0.02 级 / 0.05 级 / 0.1 级可选



model td1050a, a calibration device for clamp ammeters. the optional accuracy classes are 0.02, 0.05 and 0.1. the device calibrates the ac/dc clamp ammeters by single coil with high accuracy and easy traceability, and has the functions of ac/dc current output, resistance simulation, frequency/phase adjustment, power detection and dc shunts calibration. it also can be applied to calibrate the ac/dc voltmeters, ohmmeters and the voltage / resistance measurement of multi-function clamp meters.

meet the requirements of jjf 1075-2015 calibration specification for clamp ammeter. (tunkia is involved in drafting)

applications (class 0.05)



calibrate ac/dc clamp ammeters by single coil: the ac/dc current source connect to a single coil semi-circular copper ring with a diameter of 1m, can directly output ac/dc high current up to 2200 a (or 1100 a). suitable for calibrating ac/dc clamp ammeters with high accuracy.

● place the clamp meter in the center of the copper ring when calibrating. the diameter of the copper bar in the center position is smaller than the other positions, which is convenient for the access of small size clamp meters.

● easy to open the copper ring, and thread a standard current transformer or i-v converter into the ring for calibrating the device itself regularly.

● calibrate dc clamp ammeters by multiple coils: the dc current source connects to a 50 clamp coils (customized for other number of coils such as 100), can output dc current of 22 a, which produces an equivalent current of 1100 at. suitable for calibrating dc clamp ammeters with low accuracy.

● the current output has the characteristics of high accuracy, good stability, small waveform distortion and high power.

● equipped with the nonmagnetic worktable, and the display-operation panel is placed on the worktable for a fast calibration.

● reserved terminals for high current, to provide current for the calibration of dc shunts.

● the operation panel is equipped with high-definition lcd screen, more intuitive of value display and full touch mode for easier operation.

● value adjustment method: fixed-point, rotary encoder, and step.

● frequency and phase (option): the ac output frequency and the phase between voltage and current is variable.

● power output (option): test dc power, active power, reactive power, apparent power and power factor.

● proprietary software (option): support the calibration of the checked ammeters by semi-automatic or full-automatic, data management and report export.

electrical specifications

ac voltage


output characteristics

● output range of voltage: 1 v to 825 v

● resolution: 0.002 % of range

● display: 6 digits

● distortion: <0.5 %

● protection: short-circuit protection, overload protection.

ac current


output characteristics

● output range of current: 20 ma to 1100 a (or 2100 a for option)

● resolution: 0.002 % of range

● display: 6 digits

● distortion: <0.5 % (<1 % @ 2000 a range)

● protection: open-circuit protection, overload protection.

dc voltage


output characteristics

● output range of voltage: 20 mv to 1100 v

● resolution: 0.002 % of range

● display: 6 digits

● ripple coefficient: <1 %

● protection: short-circuit protection, overload protection.

dc current


output characteristics

● output range of voltage: 20 ma to 1100 a (or 2100 a for option)

● resolution: 0.002 % of range

● display: 6 digits

● ripple coefficient: <0.5 % (<1 % @ 200 ma…20 a ranges)

 protection: short-circuit protection, overload protection.



output characteristics

● output range of resistance: 10 ω to 110 mω

● resolution: 0.002 % of range

● display: 6 digits

frequency and phase (option)


power output (option)


general specifications

● line power: 380 v ±38 v, 51 hz ±4 hz

● maximum power consumption: 6 kva

● operating environment: +0 °c to +40 °c, 20 % to 85 % r·h, non-condensing

● storage environment: -20 °c to +70 °c, <85 % r·h, non-condensing

● dimensions (w × h × d): 2590 mm × 1350 mm × 1570 mm

● communication: rs-232 interface

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