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td1090 precision bushing-type ac i/v converter

精密交流 i/v 转换器,采用穿孔式结构,可方便串入钳形表检定装

一次电流最大可达 1 ka ( 2 ka 可选 )

二次输出标称电压均为 1 v

准确度等级为 0.01 / 0.005 级可选

交流频率范围:40 hz ~ 400 hz


model td1090, a precision ac i/v converter, adopts a perforated structure design, easy to thread into the ac current output copper ring of the clamp ammeter calibration device (e.g. td1000, td1050 and td1050a) or other similar clamp coils. as a current measurement standard, applied to calibrate the output current of the clamp ammeter calibration device.


the primary current is up to 2.2 ka (or 1.1 ka).

● the secondary output nominal voltage is 1 v.

● the optional accuracy classes are 0.01 and 0.005.

● wide measuring range of ac frequency from 40 hz to 400 hz.

● a built-in lcd digital screen to directly display the measured current and frequency.

● directly measure the ac distortion or dc ripple coefficient.

● passive form, high stability and reliability, extremely low change rate.

● minimal phase displacement, combine with v-v dividers to build measurement system for power, phase and power factor

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