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td1092 precision bushing-type ac ammeter


电流测量最大可达 1 ka 2 ka 可选 )

准确度等级为 0.01 / 0.005 级可选



model td1092, a precision ac ammeter, adopts a perforated structure design, easy to thread into the ac current output copper ring of the clamp ammeter calibration device (e.g. td1000, td1050 and td1050a) or other similar clamp coils. as a current measurement standard, applied to calibrate the output current of the clamp ammeter calibration device.


the primary current is up to 2.2 ka (or 1.1 ka).

 the optional accuracy classes are 0.01 and 0.005.

 wide measuring range of ac frequency from 40 hz to 400 hz.

 a built-in lcd digital screen to directly display the measured current and frequency.

 directly measure the ac distortion or dc ripple coefficient.

electrical specifications


measurement characteristics

 frequency: range is from 40 hz to 400 hz, resolution is 0.001 hz, accuracy is ± 0.01 hz.

 measuring accuracy of distortion: ± 0.5 %

 display: 7 digits

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