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td81 series testing system for ac magnetic of soft materials

the td81 series automatically measures the ac magnetic properties of soft magnetic ring specimens in the frequency range of 20 hz to 1 mhz / 3 mhz (customized) and draws the relevant magnetic curves.


td81 series meets national standards gb/t 3658-2008, gb/t 19346.1-2017,and international standard iec 60404-6.


- measuring materials : soft ferrite, electrical pure iron, silicon steel, nife (permalloy), cofe alloy, amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys, metal magnetic powder core, etc.

- sample shape: ring-shape, u-shape, e-shape.

- measurable parameters : bm, hm, jm, ps, μa, δ.


- standard samples are only used for comparison of measurement data and cannot be used to calibrate the unit.

- reliable accuracy and repeatability in the 20 hz to 1 mhz / 3 mhz (customized) range.

- equipped with pc software, only manually place samples and set parameters, other processes are automatically completed.

technical specifications

magnetic parametes


electrical parameters


pc software

-support windows system, easy to operate.

-displays the magnitude of current, voltage, and power, and displays i(t), u(t), b(t) sample waveforms and b(h) hysteresis loops in multiple windows.monitor sample waveforms and instrument status and stop at any time.

-multiple loss or magnetic test solutions can be preset based on frequency and support for saving and loading.

-the test report contains complete curves, test results, test conditions and sample parameters.

-test results support direct printing, export jpg or excel.

- automatically save measurement data, draw complete magnetic curves, and test conditions and sample parameters.




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