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td8160 measurement system for magnetic parameters of monolithic amorphous

td8160 is a intelligent instruments applicable for measuring the ac magnetic properties of amorphous or nanocrystalline alloys.


it meets national standard gb/t 19345.1-2017 ( tunkia is involved in drafting ).


- measuring materials :amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys, other soft magnetic materials.

- support m.c and h-coil measurement methods.

- frequency range :  40hz 65hz, can be customized to 400 hz.

- sample size : w ( 10~300 ) mm × l ( 280~320 ) mm,t:10 μm~500 μm.

- measurable parameters : bm, hm, jm, ss, br, hc, μm, δ.

- draw magnetic curves, such as magnetization curve, hysteresis loop, and switch multiple magnetic parameter units.


- standard samples are only used for comparison of measurement data and cannot be used to calibrate the device.

- a variety of monolithic magnetometers are available to suit different samples.

the monolithic permeameter uses a double yoke structure to demagnetize the yoke and demagnetize the sample.

- equipped with pc software, only manually place samples and set parameters, other processes are automatically completed.

technical specifications

magnetic parametes


uncertainty and repeatability


monolithic permeameters


td8160 measurement system for magnetic parameters of monolithic amorphous -龙8官网app下载地址

support windows system, easy to operate.

- displays the magnitude of current, voltage, and power, and displays i(t), u(t), b(t) sample waveforms and b(h) hysteresis loops in multiple windows.monitor sample waveforms and instrument status and stop at any time.

test results support direct printing, export jpg or excel.

save the set test parameters to facilitate loading scenarios when repeating tests.

the test report contains complete curves, test results, test conditions and sample parameters.

functions : automatically save measurement data, delete data, clear all data, etc.




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