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homemagnetic measurementsurface magnetic field testing series

td8411 surface magnetic field testing system of rotating platform

- it's used for scanning the 3d surface magnetic field distribution of annular or cylindrical permanent magnet.

- measure the pole number, polarity, peak value, angle, area, width, half width and magnetization angle.


- gb/t 3655-2008
- gb/t 13789-2008
- iec 60404-2
- iec 60404-3


- annulus sample test: cylindrical, multi-polar annulus, tile, rotor.
- testing item: pole number, polarity, peak, angle, are, width, fwhm, magnetizing angle.
- draw curves: x-y magnetic field, polar coordinates magnetic field, 3d magnetic field.

- digital tesla meter : range: 0~2000 mt,resolution:0.1 mt,accuracy: ±0.5%。
- elastic hall probe is difficult be damage.
- precision three-axis position system.
- rotating testing platform use precision stepper motor, resolution: 60000/360°.
- fixture concentricity 0.05 mm.

parameter of magnetic measurement


parameter of electrical measurement


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