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td7200 calibrator for electrosurgical analyzers


参考标准:jjf 1217-2009 《高频电刀校准规范》


内置测量标准的输入带宽优于 30 mhz @ 3db


model td7200, a calibrator for commercial electrosurgical analyzers. the apparatus can simulate electric coagulation, electric cutting, mixing and other functions of high-frequency electric knives. it can accurately output high frequency voltage, current, power and other electrical parameter signals to calibrate the electrosurgical analyzers.


 the functions of outputs and measurements are integrated with small size and light weight, and can be used in field and laboratory.

 calibrate the leakage current and power as well as their linearity and frequency response of high frequency electrosurgical analyzers by the constant voltage source mode.

 the input bandwidth of the built-in measurement standard is better than 30 mhz @ 3 db.

 proprietary software (option): support the calibration by semi-automatic or full-automatic, data management and report export.

electrical specifications


general specifications

 line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

 maximum power consumption: 2.5 kva

 operating environment: 0 °c to +40 °c, 20 % to 85 % r·h, non-condensing

 storage environment: -20 °c to +70 °c, <85 % r·h, non-condensing

 communication: rs-232 interface

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