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td1550 verification apparatus of meters for dc electrical energy

专用于直流电能表检定的台体,直流功率 / 电能的准确度为 0.02 级 / 0.05 级可选

支持全自动检定 3 ~ 6 块直接接入式或间接接入式直流电能表

直流电压输出:最大达 1150 v,满足 1 kv 电能表 1.15 un 的试验要求

直流电流输出:最大达 600 a

直流小信号电压输出:最大达 ± 4.4 v

满足正反向电能表的检定要求,其最小输出低至 10 μv


td1550 is a set of apparatus specially applied to the verification of meters for dc electrical energy. it is composed of standard dc voltage source, dc current source, dc small signal voltage source, dc voltmeter, multi-station verification workbench, automatic verification software and so on. the accuracy of power/electrical energy is 0.02/0.05, which supports automatic verification of 3~6 direct or indirect connected meters for measuring dc electrical energy at the same time.

reference standards are gb/t 33708-2017 static meter for direct current energy and jjg 842-2017 verification regulation of electronic meters for measuring direct current electrical energy which tianheng participated in drafting .it is suitable for metrology institute, manufacturers, users of meters for dc energy as the standards of dc power and electrical energy. 

applications (class 0.05)



 dc voltage outputthe maximum value is 1150 v,which can meet the requirements of voltage test at 1.15un for 1 kv electrical energy meter.

● dc current output: the maximum value is 600 a,which can be used as current input of direct connected meters for dc energy or indirect connected meters with shunt.

 dc small signal voltage output: the maximum value is +4.4 v, which can be used as the current input (corresponding to shunt voltage) of indirect connected meters for dc energy, and meet the calibration requirements of forward and backward electrical energy meters.

the minimum output is as low as 10 μv, which is the basis for starting test of electrical energy meter.

 auxiliary power supply: it can provide dc 24 v or ac 220 v power supply for electrical meters (type a).

● clock verification: built in clock receiving module, it can display real-time clock and synchronize with beijing time.

● excellent load capacity: it ensures that the value is stable and accurate and works long hours at full load.

● high reliability: current, voltage and small signal voltage circuits are isolated from each other to ensure that the meter will not be damaged.

● man-machine function: the workbench is equipped with control panel, so the operator can observe and control the output value by its lcd touch screen.

● multi-station verification workbench: automatic verification of 3-6 direct or indirect connected meters is supported. the verification workbench is equipped with control panel, so the operator can observe and control the output value by its lcd touch screen, which facilitates manual verification. the high definition display window is embedded to facilitate users to observe and record the working status of the verified meters.

● proprietary software: semi-automatic and full-automatic verification is realized, so as data management and certificate export.

● dc voltmeter(option): it is used to measure the secondary voltage of dc shunt and complete the error test.shunt crimping device: the current terminal of the shunt is manually pressed and connected to the current source to form a current loop.


technical specifications

dc voltage output 


output characteristics:

● output range10 mv~1150 v

● resolution0.001%*rg,

● display: 6 digits

● protection: short-circuit protection, overload protection

dc current output


output characteristics:

● output range: 1 ma~600 a

● resolution: 0.001%*rg

● display: 7 digits

● protectionopen-circuit protection, overload protection

dc small signal voltage output


output characteristics:

● output range: ± ( 10 μv~4.4 v )

● resolution: 0.002%*rg

● display: 6 digits

● protection: short-circuit protection, overload protection

● the shunt specifications and current-voltage ratio can be set, so the output value can be displayed as the voltage or current converted by the shunt.

dc electric energy / power

● accuracy (apparatus of class 0.05): ± 0.05%*rd

   accuracy (apparatus of class 0.02): ± 0.02%*rd

● output of standard electrical energy pulse (high frequency): full scale value corresponds to 60 khz.

   output of standard electrical energy pulse(low frequency): full scale value corresponds to 6 hz.

   pulse output frequency jitter: < 10 μs

● input of standard electric energy pulse: high frequency pulse less than or equal to 150khz with the amplitude of 5 v can be received.

● the electrical energy error is automatically displayed with a resolution of 0.0001%. 

auxiliary power supply

● each station has 2 power supply modes: ac 220 v (isolation from power grid) and dc 24 v.

● ac 220 v load capacity: n*20 ma (n for station number), with replaceable fuse protection.

● dc 24 v load capacity: n*120 ma (n for station number), with short circuit and overload protection.

● notes: other types of power supply can be customized.

clock daily error

● standard clock accuracy: 2×10-7

● error display modes of s / d and ppm / ppb are supported.

shunt detection(option)

dc voltage measurement


measurement characteristics:

● range switchingautomatic or manual

● measurement range: ± (10 μv~11 v)

● minimum resolution0.1 nv,

● play: 7 digits

 input resistance: > 1 gω。

● input protection: continuous 50 vpk,。

● test conditions: 2 hours preheating with the sampling rate of 1 sps。

dc resistance measurement


measurement characteristics:

● measurement range: 200. 000 nω~4.00 000 ω

● resolution1 pω

● display: 6 digits

● the current test point can be set up by digital key

● voltage range switching: automatic or manual

● after loading the test current, the r(t) curve can be displayed.

● notes:④ accuracy of resistance corresponding to other voltage values = ± (δu/u0+δi/i0),u0、i0 are the current voltage and current readings,δu、δi are the absolute error of the measuring current voltage and current value respectively. 

general specifications

● line power: ac ( 220 ± 22 ) v,( 50 ± 2 ) hz,

● maximum consumption4.5 kva

● operating environment: 0 ℃~45 ℃,20%~85% r·h,non-condensing

● storage environment: -20 ℃~70 ℃,< 95% r·h,non-condensing

 dimensions(width*depth*height)2800 mm × 800 mm × 1050 mm ( 3 station workbench)

● standard interface: rs232

selection guidance


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