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th0151 high-precision active voltage divider


将各种量程电压变换成 1 v 量程电压


含有 9 只不同量程的精密分压器 (可定制 )

工作频率: dc  100 khz


model th0151, a series of high-precision ac and dc active voltage dividers, convert various ranges voltage to 1 v range voltage with maintaining accurate ratio and small phase displacement. a set of instrument contains 9 high-precision voltage dividers with different ranges (customized for particular requirements).

frequency range is from dc to 100 khz, the maximum ac-dc difference is better than ±10 ppm at power frequency, and the maximum phase displacement is less than 6 μrad.

output voltage is processed by the built-in active unity gain buffers, output impedance is very low, greatly reduced measurement error caused by connection line distribution parameters and access load. battery powered, greatly improves cmrr and reduces noise caused by power supply.

combine with voltage vector analyzers or digital sampler to build high-precision vector voltmeters, to achieve accurate measurement of amplitude and phase for broadband voltage, and also applied to calibrate broadband power supplies, transformers, sensors and power analyzers.

electrical specifications



 notes:connection. type-n (f) for input, type-n (m) for output.

phase displacement

general specifications
 operating environment: +15 °c to +30 °c, r·h ≤50 %, altitude from 0 m to 3,000m.3. general specifications

 storage environment: +5 °c to +45 °c, r·h from 15 % to 80 %.

 notes: when stored in a harsh environments, it may cause the resistance to change and return to the original resistance within the next 30 days.

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