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td1540 calibration device for dc shunts


准确度 : 0.02 级 / 0.05 级 / 0.1 级可选

直流电流输出:0.5 a ~ 600 a

直流电压测量:± (10 μv~ 11 v)

直流电阻测量:200. 000 nω ~  4.00000 ω


model td1540, a calibration device for dc shunts, consists of dc high-current standard source with a range from 0.5 a to 600 a and dc voltmeter with a range of ±(10 μv to 11 v). the optional accuracy classes are 0.02, 0.05 and 0.1.

applied to calibrate various measuring dc shunts for metrology and electric power departments, and also applied to inspect products to promote quality for manufacturers.


high stability and accuracy of current: a built-in broadband current comparator for current measurement and control.

 voltage measurement: a built-in 7 digits dc voltmeter, the maximum measuring range is up to 11 v with a 50 vpk overload capability. the optimal measurement uncertainty of class 0.02 is up to 100 ppm.

 good safety performance: overload protection and open-circuit protection for current source, and good electrical isolation between interior circuit and power supply and also the communication interface. high reliability ensures continuous operation for 24 hours.

 good economy: the efficiency is better than 80% under full load.

 excellent human-computer interaction: large lcd touch screen display, touch and button operation modes, easy for users to measure manually.

 proprietary software (option): support the calibration of the dut by semi-automatic or full-automatic, easy to record and analyze the dut data.

 connection: the current source is equipped with communication interface, easy to build automatic test system. the high-current output is programmed to control the rise and fall slowly, which reduces the current surge and avoids the power overshoot on the dut.

applications (class 0.02)


 calibrate dc shunts (class 0.1 and below)

 measure the resistance of dc shunts to get the basic error

 analyze the key parameters such as power factor and tmf

 record and draw the r(i), r(t) curves of dc shunts

electrical specifications

dc current output


output characteristics

 output range of current: 0.5 a to 600 a

 resolution: 0.001 % of range

 display: 7 digits

 ripple coefficient: <1 %

 protection: open-circuit protection, overload protection.

dc voltage measurement


measurement characteristics

 measuring range of voltage: ± (10 μv to 11 v)

 range switching: automatic or manual

 display: 7 digits

 input resistance: > 1 gω

 input protection: 50 vpk, continuous.

resistance measurement


measurement characteristics

 measuring range of resistance: 200. 000 nω to 4.00 000 ω

 minimum resolution: 1 pω @ 500 a test current

 range switching: automatic or manual

 display: 6 digits

 notes: r(t) curve can be displayed when loading current.

general specifications

 line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

 maximum power consumption: 4.8 kva

 operating environment: +15 °c to +30 °c, 30 % to 80 % r·h, non-condensing

 storage environment: -20 °c to +70 °c, <95 % r·h, non-condensing

 test condition: 2 hour warm-up, sampling rate is 0.5 sps.

 dimensions (w × h × d): 630 mm × 260 mm × 590 mm

 weight: 49.5 kg

 communication: rs-232 interface

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