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td2100 verification apparatus of dc shunts


准确度为 0.02 级 / 0.05 级/ 0.1 可选

直流大电流标准源 ( 0.5 a ~ 600 a )

直流电压表 ( ± 10 μv ~ ± 11 v 

多表位检定台 ( 3 ~ 12 表位)


td2100 is a set of apparatus specially applied to the verification of meters for dc electrical energy. it is modular in design and composed of multi-station workbench(3~12 stations)、dc standard large current source(0.5 a~600 a)、dc voltmeter(± 10 μv~± 11 v)、multifunctional measuring and controlling unit、full-automatic verification software and so on. the accuracy is 0.02/0.05/0.1 optional and suitable for metrology institute, electric power department, manufacturers to improve product quality and verification efficiency. the reference standard is jjg 1069-2011 verification regulation of dc shunts. 

applications (class 0.02)

● verification of 3~12 dc shunts(class 0.1 and below)simultaneously

● it can measure the dc resistance of the dc shunt and accomplish the basic error test.

● it can accomplish the analysis of the key parameters such as power factor and thermoelectric voltage of dc shunt

● it can record and plot r(i) and r(t) curves of dc shunt. 

3. features

● wide-band current comparator is equipped to measure and control current to ensure high stability and accuracy.

● 7-bit dc voltmeter is built in with the capacity of maximum measuring of 11 v and 50 vpk overload.

the optimum measurement uncertainty is 100 ppm (0.02 level device), and there is  no need for an extra digital multimeter.

● current source has the capacity of overload protection, open-circuit protection , the internal circuit is isolated from power supply and communication interface, which ensures good safety performance. it can run continuously for 24 hours with high reliability.

● the efficiency of the device is higher than 80% under full load condition, which ensures good economical performance.

● human-computer interaction: large size lcd color screen and digital button is adopted, which is convenient to operate and intuitive to display.

● proprietary software(option): semi-automatic or full-automatic verification is supported, which is convenient for the record and analysis of product data.

● the current source is equipped with communication interface, and an automatic test system is set up with computer and special software.

high current output is programmed to control the rising and falling, which reduces the current surge and avoids overcharging.

semi-automatic and full-automatic verification is realized, so as data management and certificate export.

● multi-station verification workbench: simultaneous semi-automatic verification of 3-12 dc shunts is supported. the verification workbench is equipped with control panel, so the

operator can observe and control the output value by its lcd touch screen, which facilitates manual verification.

● manual shunt crimping device: the current terminal of the shunt is manually pressed and connected to the current source to form a current loop.

514. technical specifications

dc current output


output characteristics:

 output range: 0.5 ma~600 a

● resolution: 0.001%*rg

 display: 7 digits

● ripplcoefficient: < 1%

● protection: open-circuit protection, overload protection

dc voltage measurement


measurement characteristics:

● measurement range: ± (10 μv~11 v)

● range switching: automatic or manual

● play: 7 digits

 input resistance: > 1 gω

● input protection: continuous 50 vpk.

dc resistance measurement 


measurement characteristics:

● measurement range: 200. 000 nω~4.00 000 ω

● resolution: 1 pω

● display: 6 digits

● voltage range switching: automatic or manual

● after loading the test current, the r(t) curve can be displayed.

● notes: ④ accuracy of resistance corresponding to other voltage values = ± (△u/u0+△i/i0),u0、i0 分are the current voltage and current readings,△u、△i are the absolute error of the measuring current voltage and current value respectively. 

5. general specifications

 line power: ac ( 220 ± 22 ) v,( 50 ± 2 ) hz;

 maximum consumption: 4.8 kva

● operating environment: 15 ℃~30 ℃,30%~80% r·h,non-condensing

● storage environment: -20 ℃~70 ℃,< 95% r·h,non-condensing

● test conditions: 2 hours preheating with the sampling rate of 0.5 sps 

● dimensions(width*depth*height): 2600 mm × 800 mm × 1250 mm (3 stations workbench )

● standard interface: rs232

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