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td2010 dc high-current standard

采用模块化设计,多台电流源并联可产生最大 100 ka 的直流电流

准确度为 0.01 级 / 0.02 级/ 0.05 级可选

多台独立电流源,单台电流源可输出 0~600 a


model td2010, a set of dc high-current standards. modular design, a single current standard can output from 0 to 600 a, and multiple current standards can be connected in parallel to output a maximum dc current of 100 ka. the optional accuracy classes are 0.01, 0.02 and 0.05.

the high current is output by a bus-bar which is connected by flat copper bars, equip a special wiring bracket for high-current, is convenient to connect the shunts or sensors.

applications (class 0.01)

● calibrate dc shunts (class 0.02 and below)

● combine with 4 th0200 dc current ratio standards and 2 th0310 high-power reference resistors to be a set of high-current self-trace ratio standard from 1 a to 10 ka, and the ratio accuracy is up to 0.5 ppm to 2 ppm. applied to calibrate high-precision current ratio standards and dc current sensors, and also can be worked in dc+ac mode, applied to new energy industries such as wind energy and solar energy, as well as electric vehicles and motors.

● measure the resistance of dc shunts to get the basic error

● analyze the key parameters such as power factor and tmf

● record and draw the r(i), r(t) curves of dc shunts


● high stability and accuracy of current: a built-in broadband current comparator for current measurement and control. the typical peak stability and variance stability of class 0.01 are 15 ppm/h and 6 ppm/h.

● voltage measurement: a built-in 7 digits dc voltmeter, the maximum measuring range is up to 11 v with a 50 vpk overload capability. the optimal measurement uncertainty of class 0.01 is up to 100 ppm.

● good safety performance: overload protection, open-circuit protection and error recognition features. high reliability ensures continuous operation for 24 hours, so it provides conditions for continuous testing of special products (such as military or defense products) for 72 hours and above.

● small electromagnetic interference: abandon the scr which of low cost but large electromagnetic interference, minimize the harmonics to reduce pollution to the power supply network and maintain the purity of the electromagnetic environment.

● good economy: the efficiency is better than 80% under full load.

● proprietary software: support the calibration of the dut by semi-automatic or full-automatic, easy to record and analyze the dut data.

● connection: the current source is equipped with communication interface, easy to build automatic test system. the high-current output is programmed to control the rise and fall slowly, which reduces the current surge and avoids the power overshoot on the dut.

electrical specifications

dc current output


output characteristics

● output range of current (single): 0.5 a to 600 a

● output range of current (multiple): 0.5 a to n×600 a, maximum expansion to 100 ka

● resolution: 0.0005 % of range

● display: 7 digits

● ripple coefficient: <1 % @ below 50 hz

● setting time: the time of output with a 0.01 % accuracy is less than 2 s.

● protection: open-circuit protection, overload protection.

dc voltage measurement


measurement characteristics

● measuring range of voltage: ± (10 μv to 11 v)

● range switching: automatic or manual

● display: 7 digits

● input resistance: > 1 gω

● input protection: 50 vpk, continuous.

general specifications

● line power: 380 v ±38 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

● maximum power consumption: n×4 kva, n - number of current standards

● operating environment: +10 °c to +35 °c, ≤80 % r·h, non-condensing

● dimensions (w × h × d): 4000 mm × 1650 mm × 800 mm (10 ka)

● weight: 500 kg

● communication: rs-232 interface, rs-485 interface

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