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since 1998

tunkia co., ltd.

       tunkia was founded in 1984 through the merger of hunan tongren electronic co.,ltd. and loudi tianyu electronics co, ltd. located in changsha, hunan province. tunkia is responsible for the development of the first high-precision ac power supply testing equipment in china with output of 500va and peak-peak voltage stability of 0.005%/3mins in 1986. tunkia's mats-2000 magnetic-material automatic measuring device (best uncertainty 0.5%) was further awarded the national science and technology progress award in 1990.
       tunkia, as one of the china's oldest producer of electromagnetic measuring instruments, is currently a member of the national electromagnetic measurement technical committee of china and is directly engaged in the development of various national technical standards & regulations e.g. gb/t 19345.1、jjf 1284-2011、jjf 1472-2014、jjf 1075-2015. today tunkia offers a diverse range type of customizable products and service including, soft magnetic dc testing system; soft magnetic ac testing system; permanent magnetic measurement system; superficial magnetic distribution testing system; silicon-steel magnetic properties testing system; magnetic field strength testing system; tesla-meter (gauss meter) testing device; fluxmeter calibrator and charge demagnetization machine etc. with twenty-seven major product lines used in industries and services ranging from steel, petrol-chemical, defense to medical-services and scientific-research, tunkia stands today as one of china's foremost manufacturer and developer of electromagnetic measuring instruments.

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